Plastic Bags

Common trade names include, “Polybags or Polythene bags”. Most commonly used in clear form for diverse applications in packaging. Can be made in various sizes and colour for specific application and user demand.

Clear and coloured plastic sheeting

Plastic can be processed or moulded into film which is presented as sheet rolls of different sizes (thickness , width, length, etc) . Plastic presented in this form is referred to as ‘SHEETING” as a trade or industry term.


Plastic sheeting can be produced with special formulation and processing conditions to impact special properties to the plastic such that when subjected to heat at specific temperature in an oven like process or simply hot air blown, the plastic shrinks and on cooling, it provides a very tight wrap. Hence the industry or trade term “SHRINK WRAP”.

SHRINK WRAP SLEEVES are units of double sealed shrink wrap sheets that are cut into specific size and ready to be used for shrink wrapping. In this form, it is specially designed for manual operations.

Clingfilm and palletwrap

Plastic sheeting that is produced with mild self adhesive (non-permanent sticking) properties. It is also commonly referred to as STRETCH WRAP. This is normally used to wrap bulk packs on pallets for transportation purposes without need for heating, sealing or application of adhesive tape.

Black sheeting

Plastic sheeting produced in black and various sizes mainly for industrial and construction markets.

Bread bags

Clear Plastic Bags designed in terms of dimensional specifications , to contain a standard loaf of bread. It is used for various other applications, ed convenience handling of confectionaries in bakeries as well as fruit and vegetables.

Foam trays and boxes
Carrier bags

Plastic shopping bag designed with handles for ease of carrying. A term often misused by the general public is “PAPER BAG” . Carrier Bags used to be made out of paper material before the advent of plastic. Carrier bags can be available in various sizes (small, medium sized or large). The large carrier bag for bulk packing is usually referred to as “TAXI BAG”

Refuse bags and Bin Liners